And it will be sweet!

The Sweetest Thing, published by Hunter in Australia will be launched next week.

The Australian launch of my book, The Sweetest Thing, is shaping up to be an event the Melbourne publishing world has likely never seen before.

Launches are traditionally events for friends and family and most people don’t see them anything more than a bit of author ego massage. People make speeches, often witty and entertaining ones, the author reads from the work and everyone buys a copy, gets it signed, has a few drinks and goes home.

Well, not this time.

This book launch is guaranteed to be different.

The audience is going to get a three dimensional look inside the book.

It will include stories of sex, violence, bruises, madness and bust ups and I can guarantee, punches will be thrown! And men’s bodies will be shamelessly objectified in the name of entertainment.

Welcome to my upside down world.

What I am most excited about, though is that I’ll be able to present the highest standard of female boxing you are likely to see in this country with three of the most talented women in Australia.

Bianca Elmir, a three time national champion and Oceania champion had gained Olympic selection and had one more hurdle to overcome at the AIBA women’s world championship in China, before her journey was derailed. Just as she was about to weigh in, an ASADA drug test that showed she was positive for diuretics meant had her kicked off the team and sent home. In her place, 19-year-old Kristy Harris stepped up a weight class from 48kgs to 51kgs and fought in Bianca’s place.

At the launch both of them will be sparring each other to show what world class women’s boxing looks like up close. Those who have never seen any kind of boxing will be captivated, shocked, maybe a little frightened but ultimately impressed and inspired by these you women.

And Bianca, an articulate and charismatic person, will take questions about her experiences and talk about how the drug test drama has affected her.

Also in the mix will be Emily Jans, who, as well as being a great boxer and kickboxer is also a vegan and a drummer. She won this year’s national championship at 64kgs in Hobart and is yet another female fighter who breaks the stereotypes…about both boxing AND being a woman.

So be prepared for an exciting launch where we turn gender on it’s head, with topless ring card boys to punctuate proceedings.

It will take place at Bella Union on July 17 at Trades Hall in Carlton at 6pm and will include words from Chris Flynn, Karen Pickering, myself and the female boxers as well as a slide show featuring some of the juiciest black eyes you’ll ever see.

The Sweetest Thing is published in Australia by Hunter

About mischamerz

Mischa Merz is an Australian journalist, author, amateur boxer and painter. She is the author of the memoir, The Sweetest Thing, published by Seven Stories Press as well as Bruising, published in Australia first by Picador then re-issued by Vulgar Press in 2008. She has written for a range of newspaper, magazines, specialist publications, literary journals and websites. She lives in Melbourne with her husband Peter.
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